Our Travel Bucket List 2018

One of the things we wanted to focus on more this year is traveling more and going on more adventures together.

Last year we had gone to NYC, Disney, and Gettysburg.  This year we wanted to take more trips and explore as much as we could especially because we are still young.  Adam usually works 4 days on and 2 days off every week so the days he gets off varies week to week.  I try and work my schedule with having at least one day off with him a week. Sometimes it doesn’t work out as planned which really stinks.

Top 10 Places on our Bucket List

1. Lake Tahoe:  Looking at two of my favorite bloggers Emily Gemma (The Sweetest Thing Blog)  and Caitlin Covington (Southern Curls and Pearls) they always post the best places to travel to. One of the places they have mentioned is Lake Tahoe. Adam loves cabins and the wilderness and I do not.  I do think they’re beautiful and the views are absolutely breathtaking but I am allergic to most things outdoors that I had also mentioned in a previous post so it’s hard for me to enjoy anything outside.
2. Banff, Lake Louise: Again thanks to those same blogs mentioned above I have been to go to Banff and Lake Louise in Canada. I’m from Buffalo so I’m already close to Canada! I know it is basically on the other side of Canada from where we are but it still on our list. The water just is so incredible and I am again NOT an outdoorsy person but Adam is (it’s all about compromise).
3. Tulum (Mexico): Thanks to Caitlin’s blog again I have found a tropical destination for the books.  If you have never seen a picture of Tulum you need to look it up right now.  It looks like Bora Bora with the clear blue water and the beautiful beaches and even over the water bungalows.  She did a recap of her trip there over on her blog.  You can search for it in the search bar at the top of her page.
4. Bora Bora: Next on the list is Bora Bora.  I think this is on most everyone’s travel bucket list. The hype over Bora Bora is definitely real. I know that water and those views have definitely made its way into my heart.  I am deathly afraid of sharks, which I mentioned in my other blog post Top 10 Things you don’t know about me…, which is why I will have a hard time getting into the water.   I also follow Tammy Hembrow who just recently went to Bora Bora and posted her trip with her family.  The adventures they took while they were there were so incredible and the bungalow they stayed in was so beautiful.
5. Australia: Australia has been my number one travel destination since I was 10 years old.  A bit of a side note before I keep going, I love the Jonas Brothers and have since they first came out. I use to know everything about them, especially Nick Jonas. They came out with a song titled Australia, which helped me confirm that I NEED to go there. I love their accents and I feel like it’s a completely different world and something I wouldn’t get to see here.  Thankfully Adam will let me have this one.
6. London, Paris, Greece, Dublin, Spain, Italy: Neither one of us have ever been to Europe so we wanted to go together for our first time. We both are going to be starting new jobs so we are back at the bottom when it comes to vacation time.  For my job, I will be able to carry over 5 days of PTO per year.  I also get an increase of time every year so I will be able to have more time available by the time we plan on going. We plan on going for a two-week time span minimum so we can explore all at once.  Because neither one of us have ever been overseas, we don’t really know what we’re doing we need a lot of time to plan on when to go and where to stay.  My friend gave me some advice on traveling once we get over there.  So if anyone has any advice for us on traveling there or while we’re there we are open to comments!
7. Seattle: I am a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan and I slowly transformed Adam into one as well.  They are stationed in Seattle, Washington and I also have followed a family that vlogs with the name ItsJudyLife who lives in Seattle. The area they post around their home and the area just looks so beautiful. There also seems to be a lot of different things to do there for any amount of time spent there.
8. Aspen: A place we never really thought about before but started to fall in love with as Adam turned me over to the mountainous views. and the “homey” feel of the towns that are surrounding. The skies at night look so clear because of the lack of factories and pollution in the air. I also saw that Caitlin Covington (Southern Curls and Pearls) had also gone to Aspen with other bloggers recently and the pictures were just so breathtaking. So that is why this got added to our list.
9. Bali: So this one was more for me because my cousin had gone to Bali on her Honeymoon and I just fell right in love with the culture and the atmosphere. I use to be in my school’s ski club when I was in 5th -7th grade but I did not continue with it because I became too busy with other activities and schooling.  Last year we went skiing and snowboarding just at our local resort and I tried to snowboard and was not very good. I would like to try and pick it back up again and this would be a good place to start. The cabins and resorts that are listed look warm and cozy and very welcoming. For this adventure, I was hoping to get our friend group to join us and make it one we can share together.
10. New Orleans: New Orleans has been one on both of our bucket lists ever since we started watching The Vampire Diaries. The series talks about vampire brothers that come back to their hometown and start making friends and sometimes enemies with the local people. The storyline is usually something I wouldn’t care for but I thought I would give it a try and now we are both addicted. Unfortunately, the series has ended but thankfully it is still on Netflix when we need a little pick me up.  The story originally takes place in Mystic Falls (filmed in Georgia though).  They eventually make their way to New Orleans and the architecture is just absolutely beautiful.

If anyone has ever been to any of the places on our list and you have any tips or tricks that would be great!

If anyone has any comparable or exciting trips they have ever been on and want to share with us we would love that too! We love getting travel ideas from other people because sometimes there places you have never heard of or something you honestly just don’t think of.


Life Update

It’s been a minute since I have posted on here and we have been super busy bees since then!

We have both since started new jobs

Adam has started in Lancaster on their police force! And I have started in member service at Blue Cross Blue Shield, which is an insurance company if you didn’t know.

We both love our new jobs and are both making more money, which is also great!


We have also adopted a new little man named Samson!!

He is a golden retriever and now 5 months old, which I cannot believe how fast the time, has flown.

Meet Samson!

(Samson’s Bowtie)

We are now looking to buy a starter home in our area of Lancaster, NY. So far it has not been an easy task. We wanted to keep the budget on the lower end because it is just a starter home and would rather fix it up than being broke putting too much money into a mortgage that we can’t afford.  The market is not good right now and so it’s been a tough road for us but also an exciting one.

As a homebuyer, you had always been able to write a letter to the seller of the house explaining a little bit about yourself and how much you loved the house you wanted.  They recently took away that option to make it more equal for everyone.  Unfortunately, that is going to impose a problem for Adam and I because we don’t have a cash offer like most people and with closing costs being so crazy high we don’t have an extreme amount to put down.  That means we are more than likely going to be bid out by someone else because of the market we are in.  We are 100% in a seller’s market right now which means they can realistically list their houses for a higher than market value price because so many people are wanting houses at this point.

We are trying to stay optimistic together and know that if we bid on houses and we don’t get them that it just wasn’t meant to be.

We also want to hurry the process of finding a house only because we are getting claustrophobic in his house and my house.  We definitely need our own space and for the puppy’s sake.

We will continue our search and hopefully, there will be some good news soon!!

Top 10 Things you don’t know about me…

Number 1: I don’t like chocolate…

Me and chocolate are not friends. Every time I try and eat chocolate my body hates it and I feel sick immediately.  One time I was on vacation in California with my family and we went to a restaurant and they had chocolate mints at the exit. My dad gave me one because they were all white so it was hard to tell.  As soon as I put it in my mouth I knew it was chocolate and spit it right out. I felt so sick I had to lay in the bed in the hotel room for the rest of the night.  I was so nauseous but I never throw up and I just feel terrible. I’m not sure if I could be allergic to it because it’s anything with cocoa in it. Instead of getting tested for it I will just keep avoiding it.  There’s also a video of me on Easter when I was two trying a piece of chocolate and saying “I don’t like it.”

Number 2: I was adopted…

I was adopted when I was a baby. My parents were unable to conceive and sent out cards wanting a baby girl. They ended up with me!
One question I get asked all the time is if I would ever try and find my birth parents. The answer to that is no. I always say my parents who raised me are my parents. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t blood related because we are brought together by love. It doesn’t matter where I came out of but I know where I came from. I was brought up by two amazing parents that would do anything for me, even now at 23 years old.  They have given me the world and even though I was a teenager at one point (with all of the attitude) they know how much I love them and how much they mean to me.
My birth parents didn’t want to know me or else they would’ve had an open adoption. That is okay with me! My life is great just the way it is and intend to keep it going that way.

Number 3: I am deathly afraid of sharks…

I have a horrible body numbing fear of sharks. It doesn’t matter what kind of shark! I get a severe panic attack if I see one on TV or if I see a picture or if I see a real life one.  Once we were in the ocean swimming and there had been dolphins swimming a few yards out from us and I saw fins and sprinted out of the water because I was so scared. We also went to an aquarium in Georgia and California where there were the tunnels with the fish and sharks in it and I attempted the one in California and had a severe panic attack. I wouldn’t even step a foot in the tunnel in the Georgia aquarium!
Needless to say, I stay away from any TV during Shark Week every year.

Number 4: I love war movies…

For some reason I love all war movies. I think I just like the idea of fighting for our freedom and standing our ground.  A lot of people tell me when they meet me that I would be good in the military, I have no idea why but it happens a lot.
I also love mysteries so I think that goes along with the war theme.

Number 5: I am an only child…

Growing up I was always Daddy’s little girl and still am!  We did a lot of stuff together including going to Disney all the time. Because my parents had a hard time conceiving they were satisfied with just adopting me. Adoption is a tough process as well as an expensive one so it would’ve been tough to even be able to afford another child.
Growing up as an only child I was spoiled rotten and today I feel like I took some of that for granted.  Thankfully I try and show how much I appreciate everything they do for me now and try to make up for my stubborn actions in the past.

Number 6: I love to travel…

I wish I could travel the world as my full time job.  But…because I cannot afford to live that life I have to work a normal 40 hour job (sometimes more) to just barely be able to pay my bills. I currently live with Adam in an apartment but I don’t have extra money to give for the rent so I just help out with the bills and the groceries when I can.  It gets tough at times but we make it through.
I have such a long bucket list of places that I want to travel to before we eventually (hopefully) start a family together. I don’t mind trying to travel after a wedding but we want to do things now when we have the “time” instead of when we have kids.
I love the time we spend together when we do go on trips, it’s such a great feeling sharing those memories with someone that you love. We’ve already been on so many together and we are just getting started with our lives. I can’t wait to see how many more we will be able to take together.

Number 7: I’m allergic to grass…

During the spring and summer months I have the WORSTallergies. I can’t breathe and my eyes are red all day long and super itchy. I have tried so many different medicines and sprays but nothing works. I feel like I can’t go outside when there’s grass because my body just hates me for it.
Poor Adam loves the outdoors too! I try my best to plan dates for us that include the outdoors but sometimes I just can’t handle it. I’ve been trying to find good compromises for future trips, like cabins instead of tents if we went camping and hikes in places with public buildings to take a rest if need be.
P.S. – if anyone has any allergy remedies they can recommend me that would be great!

Number 8: I love Mexican food and Italian…

If I could pick 2 things to eat for the rest of my life it would be tacos and pasta. I am such a sucker for those two meals. I can always decide from a menu if there’s one of those two types of cuisines on there. Thankfully so can Adam so we have a pretty easy time deciding on dinner most nights.
Bon appetite! (even though this is neither Spanish or Italian)

Number 9: I am obsessed with Disney…

I have been raised in a Disney household, starting from my dad. Ever since I was little I would watch Disney movies all the time and I would know all of the characters.  I was raised to love Mickey Mouse. I went to Walt Disney World for the first time when I was four years old. I went with my parents for Christmas time. We went to the Christmas party for the first time and from the videos my parents had taken we all had an amazing time. We loved it so much we decided to take a trip to DisneyLand in 2005 together.  We took a trip to Disney World again two years later and the time in between got shorter and shorter until we were going almost every year.
In 2014 I decided to apply to the Disney College Program. I got accepted and moved down in August of 2014. I was there until January of 2015 and it was honestly the best experience of my life. I worked 40 hours a week and I was taking four classes to make sure I was going to graduate on time. That just made my love of Disney grow a million times more! After I graduated the program I ended up going back the following January and then the following June with one of my best friends that was still down there and then with my dad because he’s my Disney buddy.
Adam had only been there one time when he was 11 and now being 24 I felt that it was time for him to go again. We planned to go for almost two weeks to catch the Halloween Party, the Food and Wine Festival and the Christmas Party. To see how we did that and to see how our trip was you can click on the Disney Recap section under the Menu of my home page.
We have many more trips to come going there and hopefully eventually getting to all of the parks that are around the world!

Number 10: I love to host parties…

The last thing that you should know about me is that I love hosting parties. We host a Halloween and Christmas party every year. We usually do it at Adam’s parents house because there is more room for everyone instead of at our apartment. I love to decorate and spoil the guests with transforming the home into a different space. I like match most decor in my home and so a party is no different. I love the reaction I get from my guests’ faces when they see what I have done with the home. This year was a bit different as we were only hosting the Halloween party because our friend wanted to use their empty house this year for the Christmas party.
Once we get a place of our own we will be able to host more parties and a lot closer to our friends and family if everything works out as planned.

Christmas Picture Attempt

We were both off on Wednesday this week and I wanted to get Christmas pictures done at Knox Farms, a state park close to where we live. The scenery is always so beautiful and it was supposed to snow that day, which is what I wanted for the pictures!

East Aurora has the cutest little shops and scenery which we both love! I’m not a nature person because I’m allergic to most things outside but because we were there we decided to still make a day out of it.

We started eating lunch at a small bakery called Elm Street Bakery right in the heart of East Aurora.  They have a white pizza on their menu with kale, onion, mushrooms and a sweet sauce on top.  It was my favorite thing to eat on the menu and was super pumped to get it! Once we got there I knew what I wanted to eat so I didn’t need to look at the menu…until I looked up and noticed there was no white pizza on the list! I was so nervous they took it off the menu so I decided to ask about it and when I did they indeed confirmed that they took it off of the menu! I was so devastated I didn’t even want to look at the menu but I knew I had to because we had drove all the way there. We ended up getting a different kind of pizza and a cesar salad, which were both delicious!


After we devoured our food and drinks we decided to head over to the park to take some pictures.  Not thinking this through, we forgot the camera stand and we weren’t sure how we were going to take any pictures of both of us.  So basically it just turned into a photo shoot of just me.


Hopefully we will be able to take Christmas card pictures before Christmas comes!

Disney Recap (11/10)

Day 12 (The Final Farewell):

Today was the day I had been dreading since I we had arrived.  It was our departure day and I was so upset to go. I spent the morning crying and being emotional about leaving…poor Adam. There’s just something about being in Disney that just make me so happy.  Our flight wasn’t until about 3pm so we didn’t have to be out for the Magical Express until 12pm.  We got up rather early that day and walked around the hotel for awhile and grabbed some breakfast from the food truck that was there because the buffet was rather busy that morning.

We had all of our bags packed and all of the closets and drawers checked 100 times before we walked out of the door. We brought our things to the Concierge to hold until we were ready to leave.

The Magical Express was a little late getting to us because we had gotten outside to wait at around 11:45. Because you have to be at the airport about 2 hours early they like to schedule your Magical Express pickup earlier than 2 hours before your flight just in case there is traffic or any other delays. The bus came at about 12:30 (which made me a bit nervous) but we got to the airport with plenty of time.

We were both starving but had to get through security first just to be on the safe side. The lines were moving very slowly because people weren’t taking their electronics out of their bags before putting them on the belt to be looked at.  A first for me this trip was having to take all of my food out of the bag before putting it on the belt (I’m thinking they’re really checking everything from now on). When we put our bags on the belt both of Adams had to be checked, of course he forgot he put the Halloween Party candy in the carry on bag and forgot to take it out. OH DEAR ADAM.



Once we got to the other side there was this little healthy food place that we decided to eat at because we had been eating pretty badly while in Disney. The food at this place was so delicious, it was called Green Leafs. Adam got the southwest chicken sandwich that comes on ciabatta bread and I got a spicy chicken panini that was a special for that day. I wish they had that as a restaurant where I live!

The plane was sold out and we ended up sitting in the very last aisle with a very nice man! He showed us his wedding pictures from Disney when he got married there and that he went by himself this time because his wife couldn’t get off of work. There was a young woman near us with two small children that were oh so cute. She had made small packs of treats for the people around and said it was because we were all sitting by small children and it would keep us occupied. I laughed and told her no thanks I love children!

The flight wasn’t too bad, I hate flying no matter where I sit or who I sit next to. But other than me having anxiety about flying it went very smoothly and we even landed early! When we got off of the plane my dad was there waiting to pick us up with large coats for both of us because it was going to be freezing for us. He was definitely right, I started crying when the air hit my face because it was so cold that day!

We had so much fun together and with Megan that we wish we didn’t have to come home. We were both excited to see family and I think Adam was excited to get a break from the weather.

But it’s on to the next adventure for us!


Disney Recap (11/8-11/9)

Day 10 (Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom):

This day was our last full day in the parks with a park hopper. We had been exhausted from the full almost 2 weeks of park days and felt like we could fit one more in before it was time to go. We planned on being in Animal Kingdom in the morning for Kali River Rapids because it was going to be super hot that day. We had brought ponchos because I knew we were going to get soaked.

We also were going to spend the rest of the time in Magic Kingdom once we had gone and rode everything that we wanted to in that park one last time.

I had been looking for us to get a lunch/dinner reservation at Be Our Guest because that is 100% a must see/do at the parks. Tip: lunch menu is almost the same as the dinner menu and it is a lot cheaper. We both decided to split the French Onion Soup (we’re both addicted). We also ordered the Carved Turkey Sandwich, with french fries. I’ve gotten the sandwich before so I knew that it was delicious already.  For dessert I tried to convince Adam to get the Grey Stuff Cupcake but he wasn’t budging so I ended up getting the Strawberry Cupcake (but so worth it anyway).

Copy of IMG_3934Copy of IMG_3931

Because we had rode mostly everything in the parks so far we wanted to now focus on taking pictures with each other and meeting characters that we hadn’t before. I decided to save my Tinkebell ears for this day because we were going to be spending most of the day in that park and I was excited to wear them. I wanted to take pictures on the Hub Grass, which if you don’t know is a great place to relax and sit down if you need a break throughout the day. We spent the rest of the night just taking pictures with each other and just riding all of the rides we wouldn’t be able to get to the next night at the party.

Copy of 7A085253-FCEF-47D9-B4F2-F7BDB7D64D57Copy of IMG_3938Copy of IMG_3937Copy of IMG_3940Copy of IMG_3942Copy of IMG_3943Copy of AC3B590D-AEC8-4122-BFBA-82CDFCD1FCAFCopy of IMG_3936Copy of IMG_3946



(Tinkerbell Ears, Pixie Dust, Sass and Top Knots Shirt)

The last few pictures were taken from the Hub Grass! As you can see the view is just great of the castle and the pictures are perfect for any time of day.

The end of the night just ended with us riding the Barnstormer which none of us had ever rode before so we were pretty excited (even though it’s a kid ride). It was nothing like we were expecting! It was about 5 seconds long and went super fast!

But any who! On to the last day 😦

Day 11 (Christmas Party):

This was the last day of being in Disney and we were so upset to leave! The only thing we had planned for this day was to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at 4pm. We relaxed in the morning and made sure that we had everything we needed for the ride home, including souvenirs for family and friends.  We spent the morning sleeping in and then the afternoon at Disney Springs grabbing some lunch at Earl of Sandwich. I highly recommend it! I ate there every time I didn’t bring a lunch to work when I worked at the Christmas store.

I got the The Earl’s Club Sandwich which has turkey, bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce and mayo. Adam got the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, celery salt, buffalo sauce and ranch dressing. They were both absolutely delicious.

After lunch time and shopping it was about time to start getting ready for the party. I was going to take longer than Adam was so I started doing my hair and makeup before he needed to get ready.

At the party we planning on meeting characters that you normally cannot meet and getting the treats that are special for the parties.  We also wanted to ride the Jingle Cruise, which is one of the party’s most famous attractions.  They take the Jungle Cruise and turn it into the Jingle Cruise, making all of the jokes Christmas themed.  Once we got to the party we started getting the treats because we were a bit hungry.  They had snow cones, cookies, apple cider, sparkling cider, hot cocoa, gingerbread cookies, snowman pretzels and some candy as well. All of the food was so delicious and we kept wanting to go back for more.  The one ride we weren’t able to ride in the normal park days was Space Mountain.  For me to ride a thrill ride like that one means I must really love Adam (which I 100% do).

Here are some pictures from the party that night!

Copy of IMG_4014Copy of IMG_4076Copy of IMG_4084Copy of IMG_4099Copy of IMG_4159Copy of IMG_4202Copy of IMG_4203Copy of IMG_4207  PhotoPass_Visiting_MK_8123840588PhotoPass_Visiting_MK_406197894303

(Minnie Christmas Shirt, Yoda Christmas Shirt, Ears are from WDW 2014)

On to the day we’ve all been dreading the day we have to go back to the Winter Wonderland that is Buffalo, NY…

Disney Recap (11/6 – 11/7)

Day 8 (Resort Hopping):

This day was another relaxing day with no park hoppers planned. We thought about adding an extra day of park hopping because it would’ve only been $40 more but we wanted to play it by ear. The only thing we knew we would be doing this day was going to 1900 Park Fare for the Supercalifragilistic Breakfast. The breakfast was a sit down but buffet style food.  You got to dine with Tigger, Pooh, Mad Hatter, Alice and Mary Poppins! The restaurant is located in the Grand Floridian, Disney’s most magical resort. The resort also contains the wedding pavilion, my dream destination wedding! But, that will probably never happen.

I got a little bit of everything including Mickey Waffles and a delicious omelet! Adam got basically the same thing and everything was just so delicious. They also serve this guava juice that is so amazing, nothing like I’ve ever had before!

I only had one complaint about the breakfast and it had to do with the service. Our waitress was amazing and the food was out of this world but…when it came to the character experience in the matter of 2 hours we had gotten to meet 1 character out of 5 and she had come passed our table 5 times in those 2 hours. We had drank at least 12 cups of juice and went up twice for food and were still waiting. I was a bit pissed about that. Other than that it was delicious!

IMG_0385IMG_0388IMG_0389IMG_0392Copy of IMG_3859IMG_0395

After breakfast we were going to meet up with Megan and do some resort hopping because Adam had never seen any of the resorts. We started with the monorail resorts, The Contemporary, Grand Floridian and the Polynesian. We then headed over to the Wilderness Lodge because I knew that was definitely one Adam would love to see! After we stopped at those it was getting close to lunch/dinner time so we decided to go back to Disney Springs and grab more Blaze pizza! This is the same pizza we got the previous night and we had to come back for more!


Fun fact! I did the Disney College Program in 2014-2015 and one of the places that I was a cast member at Disney’s Days of Christmas! So every time I go back to Disney I have to go back and visit my old stomping grounds.

Copy of IMG_3894We finally were able to catch up with Megan and because she had a car I wanted to take Adam to a few more resorts that we would be able to get to using her car. We started at Cast Connection looking around for Christmas presents for family. If you don’t know what Cast Connection is a warehouse where the parks send all out of date or damaged products for cast members to buy and because we were with Megan we were able to walk around.  After that it was getting rather dark outside and we were also getting a bit hangry again so we decided to go to Port Orleans Riverside to the Riverside Mill Food Court for some dinner. Megan had ordered the Barbecued Pork Sandwich which came with chips and Adam and I split the Carved Cajun Turkey Club with chips as well. Both were so delicious and was so worth the trip. We also had to take a trip over to Port Orleans French Quarter into their Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory for their famous Beignets! We all split three of them and they were sooooo worth it! I recommend it to everyone! This picture below was also taken at the French Quarter at one of my favorite spots on the resort!


After all of that food and walking around all day we just decided to call it a night and head back to our resort because we were all pretty exhausted for that day.

Day 9 (Food and Wine Festival Part 2):

On this day we decided to spend the day at the Food and Wine Festival and hit all of the stands we didn’t get to do the other day we were there. I was super excited to go back and also get some of the food I had loved from the first time there.IMG_0397IMG_0401

We were so excited about eating all of the food again that we forgot to take pictures of the stuff we ate that day! Except for one: the Almond Orchard stand with cauliflower orzo and a strawberry smoothie.


After we had gone around the world again it was about 2pm and it was super hot this day so we went into the beer pavilion because Adam wanted to try one of the beers listed. While he was ordering I was just looking at other parks to see what the wait times were and I was looking at Animal Kingdom and 2 fastpasses for FLIGHT OF PASSAGE appeared. I almost pooped my pants I was so excited! Those fastpasses are gone for up to 6 months unless you can find one like I just did. If you have never heard of Flight of Passage it is the new simulator right in Pandora in Animal Kingdom based off of the movie Avatar. It simulates you flying on a banchee and has the motion screen like Soarin’. It is a bit more intense though…

After those fastpasses were done we walked around the shop at the end of the ride and their merchandise is crazy beautiful! There was also a small restaurant bar at the end of the shop and we decided to get the drinks from there. THEY WERE SO GOOD! We checked the Navi’i River Journey for the wait time and it was only 30 minutes so we decided to wait because we had already been on the other ride and that was the only thing in the parks we hadn’t rode at least once. It was a very very short ride (almost like Small World) but so amazing! The animatronics and the visuals were so incredibly life like! Disney actually made you feel like you were in the movie.

Copy of IMG_3926

We were spending the next day in Animal Kingdom as well so after those two rides we decided to head back to EPCOT and try and meet Megan over there. Adam and I were craving tacos and I knew that there were delicious tacos over in the Mexican Pavilion. we all ordered our food and ate together at the stand and it was sooo worth it! After that we walked around and got a few more snacks and ended the night before Illuminations started, because to me it’s only worth seeing once (Megan definitely agrees).

That was all for this day! On to the next one…

Disney Recap (11/4-11/5)

Day 6 (11/4):

The start of this day was going to be something magical. We had planned (and I already paid for) a breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table, which is located in the castle! I was way to excited, probably more than some of the little girls that were there. I knew Adam wouldn’t be as excited as I was so I decided to pay for this one myself. Before you were invited upstairs we go to take a picture with Cinderella!


(Tiffany Blue Ears, Breakfast At Disney’s shirt)

They offer you basically a 2 course meal, where you get to start off with a pastry platter. It was absolutely delicious! I had one of everything on the plate, while trying to save room for the actual breakfast meal. For my actual meal I ordered the Traditional Breakfast which came with scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and potatoes. Adam ordered the Beef Tenderloin and egg which came with potatoes and cheese frittata with broccolini, boursin cheese sauce and chive oil. Both of our meals were great sizes and will definitely fill you up for the price!

(I forgot to take a picture of my meal)

During the meal about every 5-10 minutes they had a different princess join your meal. They told a tale for each one and then announced them one by one so everyone got a chance. They went around to each table which gave you a chance to take a picture with each one.

  • Jasmine
  • Ariel
  • Aurora
  • Snow White


At the end of your meal they offer you a wishing star and a sword. Adam didn’t want the sword but I most definitely wanted the wishing star! So I took one and it is so sweet to give little kids as a gift from the castle.


We ended up meeting up with Megan again after our breakfast, which gave her enough time to sleep in and get ready to come meet us. We ended up finding out that the Astros were coming through on a float to celebrate their recent World Series Victory. We found a spot right after breakfast which was perfect timing because Megan had just arrived. We ended up standing near where they were filming for the ABC special. Unfortunately it was extremely hot that day and we were melting! But, it was so worth to see them up close and personal!


After all the excitement for the morning time we just hung out for the rest of the day in Magic Kingdom with Megan until we got tired out. It was an amazing day and we couldn’t wait until the next one!

Day 7 (11/5):

Today we had a lot of things planned but also didn’t really have a plan for the day. We knew that we had reservations for the 50’s Prime Time Cafe at 4pm so we planned the day around that.

We started the day in Hollywood Studios because they had Extra Magic Hours from 8-9am, which worked out perfectly because Adam and Megan could ride all of the rides I don’t ride. (Thank god for Megan!)

We also knew that we wanted to watch Fantasmic this night because we had seen the Star Wars show and fireworks the previous night at Hollywood Studios. So while waiting for all of those activities we had planned we spent that time meeting all of the characters we wanted to see in Hollywood Studios!


(Tangled Hair Don’t Care Shirt, Lizzie McGuire Ears)

For dinner at the diner Megan and I ordered Cousin Megan’s Traditional Meatloaf which came with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans. Adam was lame and ordered the Ceasar Salad with Chicken. If you have never been to this restaurant they are rude to you and will joke around with you throughout your whole experiences which is the best part besides the food! You also have to make sure that you finish all of your veggies before you get any desserts or they will yell at you.

After dinner Megan and Adam decided they wanted to ride some more of the thrill rides again while I was digesting my food.  They went on Tower of Terror which was a 5 minute wait (this never happens).

(Adam and Megan are the back row right side)

Megan was getting tired because she worked that day but Adam and I wanted to end the night at Magic Kingdom so we headed over to see if we could get a picture with the Tangled Lanterns! We waiting about 5 minutes and it was the best pictures we took the whole trip…


Awww so sweet!!

The last thing we had to do before we left was take a picture infront of the tree because there was going to be no one in line!

When we were heading back up to the front of the castle we saw fireworks and people cheering, which was odd because there wasn’t any planned shows that should’ve been going on. We had nothing to do that night so we decided to check it out. WELL good thing we did because they were filming a performance for the special on November 30th called “The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration.” There weren’t that many people there so we were able to get about 3.5 rows behind the stage on the right hand side. Normally for me I never can get close enough to see the stage for shows but this time I could see everything perfectly so I was super excited. We also found out that 98 Degrees was there and Nick Lachey was hosting the event. Let me tell you about some eye candy!!! That night we would be filming the Fitz and the Tantrums section where they would sing two songs and we would have to dance around and sing to the songs! It was unlike anything we had ever seen or done before and it was one of the best nights we had on this vacation.

Copy of IMG_3847Copy of 2D9F12D0-D396-4784-AF5E-6FC2E4C916AECopy of IMG_3850

Be sure to look for us on that special!!

Before leaving we had to fulfill what we went there to do and take a picture in front of the tree. Now if you’ve ever seen the tree at Magic Kingdom before it is rather large so they zoom in on the presents and decor underneath the tree for a picture. Which I think turned out pretty well!


Thank you for reading our adventure, only a few more days to go!

Disney Recap (11/3)

Day 5 (International Food and Wine Festival):

Today we were attending the Food and Wine Festival, located at Epcot.  The Food and Wine Festival showcased over 20 different countries and their main dishes that are served as well as signature wines, liquors or beers that are served there. Most of the dishes and drinks were ranged from $4-8 in price but were definitely worth the price for the size.  I knew we were going  to be eating so much today so I didn’t eat anything for breakfast, and packed a light romper so I wouldn’t be stuffed in jeans.

We wanted to try and hit every country but knew we wouldn’t be able to hit them all in one day so we planned to go more than one day to hit everything. Below is the countries and the food we were able to eat on the first day of the Food and Wine Festival.

  • Earth Eats– Zucchini Ravioli
  • Japan – Salmon BLT Sushi Roll
  • Belgium – Belgian Waffle with Fruit Composite and Whipped Cream
  • Ireland – Guinness Beer Dip with Irish Bread
  • Canada – Beer Cheese Soup and Pretzel Roll 
  • Patagonia – Beef Empanada
  • Italy – Shrimp Vodka Pasta
  • Germany – Beer Flight and Bratwurst on a Pretzel Bun w/ Mustard
  • Africa – Paneer (spinach and cheese pocket)
  • Greece – Spanikopita
  • China – Chicken Wontons and Tsing Tao Lager

We had gotten almost all the way around the world but didn’t eat at every station this day because we knew we would have more than just one day here.  We also were super focused on the food the other days that we forgot to take some pictures of the food we were eating. Whoops! That’s okay! Everything was super delicious! and well worth the price point. I suggest sharing with someone, even though the portions don’t look that big there are around 40 different countries to get to and you don’t realize that when you start eating…

On to the next day!

Disney Recap (11/1-11/2)

Day 3 (Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party):

We made it through the first two days of our trip and Adam wanted to continue on! Today was a very exciting day because it’s HALLOWEEN PARTY DAY! Today was going to be an easier day, less parks and more relaxation until later in the night.  Today was the last day of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! How this works is that you need to have a ticket for the party, it doesn’t matter if you were already in the park prior to the party time.  The party tickets are about $100 each but so worth it. The park will close around 7pm for non-party guests and they will give you a wrist band and even check at each ride or attraction that you try and attend.

The parties have so much to offer, from special treats to special characters and even special fireworks!  With the party ticket you are able to get access to the park at 4pm so you can explore and go on the rides before all of the other activities commence.  Unfortunately during the parties there are no fastpasses available so if you wanted to ride any rides or meet any of the characters you must wait in the normal queues.

The main thing for us at the parties is that we do and see all of the extra activities it has to offer.  We were in Disney for 11 days so getting to all of the rides would be an easy task. When we first entered the park they had us going backstage to start the party, which was odd for me because I had known that area differently when I worked in the parks.  We followed the crowd and the cast members in their MNSSHP costumes.  They gave us a candy bag and a heaping handful of candy to begin our journey.  There were treat spots on your brochure when you first walked in as well as a list of all the special characters that were going to be out that night.  We made our way around to Tomorrowland to start the journey for the treats! This year was different than years prior, where the gave out the same candy at every treat location, which was a bit disappointing. It was sponsored by MARS candy this year so it was mainly all M&M’s and Skittles.

We went on the PeopleMover when we first got there because I wanted Adam to ease into everything and the PeopleMover was a great way for him to see all of Tomorrowland.  We weren’t really focused on the rides like i said before, just on the different things that the party had to offer.  The parade has a Halloween theme (obviously) and features special characters that you usually don’t get to see.  The parade is about 15-20 minutes long and is something you must see! Before the parade begins it is welcomed by the Headless Horseman, which is something you can’t see anywhere else. There’s also an opening show before the parade and fireworks that is based off of the movie Hocus Pocus and features the Sanderson Sisters, with some very special guests.  The show also lasts about 15 minutes and again it’s something you can’t miss.  There’s also special perimeter fireworks.  Perimeter fireworks go 180 degrees around you, and are just so incredible.  The fireworks are a play off of the old firework display called “Wishes”  but these are called “Hallowishes.”  It features displays on the castle and songs to add to the magic.

I tell everyone if you’ve never been to any of the parties it is a once in a lifetime experience and you need to go.  It can be a little bit pricey but it is so worth it. Disney puts so much time and effort into every little detail which makes it worth it!

Day 4 (Rest Day):

This day wasn’t going to be anything crazy, we needed a few days off to just relax and shop, and so that Adam wasn’t overwhelmed. Today we only planned on walking around and exploring Disney Springs so that we had some ideas on what we wanted to buy.  The weather was also supposed to be in the high 80’s this day so we wanted to make sure to stay at the pool for most of the day.  Back home it was in the 40’s and freezing so we were excited to be soaking up the sun for this day.  Adam wanted to look at Zara because there was a shirt that he was looking for and I’ve never been in Zara, so I was excited to check it out.  It reminded me of an Express and Forever 21/H&M combined.  We ended up buying a few shirts and shorts from Zara and eating lunch at Blaze Pizza, which I had heard so much about.

We made a custom pizza for around $9 and we put italian sausage, banana peppers, green peppers, mushrooms, spinach, with mozzarella cheese and normal red sauce.  The pizza was THE BEST pizza I have ever had. I recommend it to everyone and I wish we had one where I live.

Megan had to work today so we were going to meet up with her after work when we got done eating.  We had an idea to take Adam to Cast Connection and to Miller’s Ale House.  Cast Connection is a special store with discounted/broken merchandise for cast members and their families to shop.  We were able to find things for his parents and sister there as their souvenirs! Most of the time the products are just out dated or something is out of place that is unnoticeable that they cannot sell to guests.  Miller’s Ale House is a special place for me because it’s where I was able to bond with my fellow cast members after work and on our days off.  I spent New Year’s Eve there after working a 12 hour day until about 11:55.  We rushed to get there and made it just in time!  We learned about each other and formed a bond that will never be broken.  I got the same thing every time we went out to eat, LOADED FRIES and if i was really hungry a Stinger Melt.  The fries are so delicious and addicting, but you will have to share them as they are a pound of french fries loaded with cheese, bacon and scallions.

We wanted to catch the fireworks from the Polynesian because you have a clear view of the castle from the beach at the resort.  We pulled up the lounge chairs and first watched the water electrical parade go by and then waited for the fireworks to begin.  They are able to pump the music from the fireworks and the pre-show through the speakers on the beach.  We also got a Dole Whip to enjoy while the fireworks were going off.

That was all we did today and were able to go back and rest up for the next day which would be the food and wine festival.